Exhaust Pipe Gas Control Actuator

About this product

The Exhaust Pipe Gas Control Actuator (#17495-24010), a critical engine-fuel part in Toyota's Exhaust Pipe system, primarily regulates the flow of exhaust gases. Its principal components include a valve, sensor, and control unit that work together to manage emission levels while the vehicle is in operation. As time passes, wear and tear can compromise the function of this part, leading to decreased fuel efficiency, increased emissions, or even engine damage. Therefore, it is essential to replace this part periodically with genuine Toyota parts, which are designed for optimal compatibility with your vehicle. Remember, genuine Toyota parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing peace of mind with every replacement. Ultimately, a well-functioning Exhaust Pipe Gas Control Actuator (#17495-24010) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's exhaust system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17495-24010

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