Transfer Adapter Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Transfer Adapter Sub-Assembly (#36107-35170), classified under Drive-Chassis in the Transfer Case & Extension Housing system, plays a pivotal role in a Toyota vehicle. This part essentially bridges the connection between the transmission and the transfer case, directly impacting the vehicle's ability to switch between different driving modes. The Transfer Adapter Sub-Assembly (#36107-35170), comprised of various components like seals, bearings, and a casing, manages power distribution to the front and rear axles. Over time, wear and tear can cause this part to degrade, potentially leading to power transmission issues or complete failure of the drive system. Replacement of this part with a genuine Toyota part is crucial for optimal compatibility and performance. Genuine parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering added assurance of their quality. If the Transfer Adapter Sub-Assembly (#36107-35170) becomes non-functional, the vehicle's ability to switch driving modes may be compromised, impacting its overall efficiency. This part's diligent upkeep contributes significantly to the vehicle's safety and operational reliability.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 36107-35170

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