Front Seat Air Bag Assembly Left Hand

About this product

The Front Seat Air Bag Assembly Left Hand (#73920-0R080), a key component in Toyota's Seat & Seat Track system, is designed to inflate upon impact, providing protection to occupants by absorbing the force of a collision. The assembly triggers when crash sensors detect a significant impact, releasing a controlled burst of gas to inflate the bag within milliseconds. Over time, the Front Seat Air Bag Assembly Left Hand (#73920-0R080) can degrade or become damaged, resulting in inefficient or non-functioning airbags. Replacing old or damaged assemblies with genuine Toyota parts not only maintains vehicle compatibility, but is also supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, a well-maintained Front Seat Air Bag Assembly Left Hand (#73920-0R080) significantly contributes to the safety of the vehicle, protecting passengers from potentially severe injury during collisions. It is thus crucial in maintaining the overall effectiveness of the Seat & Seat Track system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 73920-0R080

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    This product contains hazardous materials.