Transponder Key Amplifier with Coil

About this product

The Transponder Key Amplifier with Coil (#89783-48030), a critical electrical component in the Anti-Theft Device system, optimizes the signal between the key's transponder chip and the vehicle's immobilizer. This part, when functioning correctly, allows for seamless communication and proper vehicle operation. Over time, however, this amplifier could degrade or malfunction, potentially causing communication issues. In worst-case scenarios, a car might refuse to start due to failure in recognizing the transponder chip. Hence, timely replacement of this genuine Toyota part—backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty—is vital in maintaining the compatibility and security of your vehicle. With a functional Transponder Key Amplifier with Coil (#89783-48030), you can rest assured that your vehicle's anti-theft system will effectively deter unauthorized use, ensuring optimal vehicle safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89783-48030

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