Instrument Panel Integration Antenna Assembly

About this product

The Instrument Panel Integration Antenna Assembly (#86880-52020), a critical electrical part in the Navigation & Front Monitor Display system of your Toyota vehicle, plays a key role in enhancing GPS signal reception. This Toyota genuine part is crafted specifically to mesh seamlessly with your vehicle’s systems, and comes under the protection of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Its central function is to collect and integrate GPS data, which is then displayed on the monitor for navigation purposes. Over time, this component may degrade or malfunction, leading to imprecise GPS data. This can compromise your vehicle's navigation system, causing it to provide inaccurate directions. Ultimately, the Instrument Panel Integration Antenna Assembly (#86880-52020) is crucial in maintaining the efficiency of your car's navigation system and thus, significantly contributes to a safer and more convenient driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 86880-52020

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