Starter Armature Assembly

About this product

The Starter Armature Assembly (#28160-36190) is a pivotal Engine-Fuel part in the Starter system of your Toyota vehicle. This vital component plays a significant role in igniting the engine by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. It does so by interacting with the field magnets within the starter motor to create force and begin the engine ignition process. When genuine and high-quality, the Starter Armature Assembly (#28160-36190) ensures compatibility and longevity. However, over time, it may wear out, resulting in a sluggish start or failure to start the engine entirely. Hence, routine replacements are necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the starting system. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs all genuine Toyota parts, including the Starter Armature Assembly (#28160-36190). A well-functioning armature assembly not only improves the efficiency of the engine start but also enhances the overall safety of vehicle operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 28160-31240;28160-36210
Part Number 28160-36190

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