Back Panel Trim

About this product

The Back Panel Trim (#64271-89113-02), an integral part of the Inside Trim Board system in a vehicle's bodywork, primarily serves to provide aesthetic appeal and protective functionality. Housed within the interior of the vehicle, it shields the raw edges and wiring from exposure, reinforcing the overall structural integrity. Genuine Toyota Back Panel Trim (#64271-89113-02) aligns perfectly with the design and function needs of your vehicle, given its compatibility with specific Toyota models. All genuine parts, including the Back Panel Trim (#64271-89113-02), are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. With usage, wear and tear, the Back Panel Trim (#64271-89113-02) can become damaged or loose, affecting the aesthetics and the protective role it plays. Any vulnerabilities can expose underlying mechanisms to potential damage, impacting the vehicle's safety and functionality. Its upkeep and periodic replacement contribute to the vehicle's overall efficiency, safety, and value preservation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64271-89113-02
Color Name Red

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