About this product

The Ball (#90080-36030), a key auto part in the Drive-Chassis Oil Pump, Oil Cooler & Pipe, and Drive-Chassis Valve Body & Oil Strainer systems, functions to enable smooth and efficient operation. When at work within these systems of Toyota vehicles, the Ball (#90080-36030) interacts with other components to regulate fluid flow and pressure. It's a crucial part that must be replaced periodically. Aging Ball (#90080-36030)s can become worn or damaged, leading to irregular fluid flow or pressure imbalances, which could engender serious mechanical issues. Genuine Toyota parts are key for compatibility and longevity, with the Ball (#90080-36030) being no exception. Moreover, Toyota backs this part with a genuine parts warranty. By ensuring optimal fluid flow and pressure regulation, the Ball (#90080-36030) contributes significantly to the car's overall performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90360-09001
Part Number 90080-36030

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