About this product

The Band (#90118-WBA19), a crucial body part in the Front Seat & Seat Track system of your Toyota vehicle, plays a vital role in the overall safety and comfort of the driver and passengers. As part of the seat assembly system, the Band (#90118-WBA19) is instrumental in securing the seat and ensuring it operates smoothly along the seat track. When functioning optimally, this genuine Toyota component enhances compatibility with the vehicle, contributing significantly to the seat's stability. However, as with any mechanical component, the Band (#90118-WBA19) may degrade or fail over time, leading to potential safety issues such as a loose or unresponsive seat. In such scenarios, it's essential to replace it promptly with a genuine Toyota part, which is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining the Band (#90118-WBA19) in top condition, you are fostering the safety and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle. Not only does this directly impact your driving experience, but it also preserves the longevity of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90118-WBA19

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