Back Panel Trim Band

About this product

The Back Panel Trim Band (#64279-60020), a crucial component in Toyota's Back Door Panel & Glass system, plays a primary role in both aesthetics and function. This component, designed to perfectly fit Toyota models, provides a clean finish to the back panel while also offering protection to the underlining structure. The Back Panel Trim Band (#64279-60020) works in harmony with the rest of the back door system, ensuring a smooth door operation. Over time, exposure to harsh conditions can lead to wear and tear, causing it to lose its effectiveness. If not replaced, a worn-out Back Panel Trim Band (#64279-60020) could interfere with door function, potentially compromising safety. Fitting your Toyota with genuine parts like the Back Panel Trim Band (#64279-60020) not only supports vehicle compatibility but is also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part contributes to the overall aesthetics, efficiency, and safety of your vehicle's Back Door Panel & Glass system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64279-60020

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