Rear Bumper Side Bar Right Hand

About this product

The Rear Bumper Side Bar Right Hand (#52151-0C110), a crucial component in Toyota's Rear Bumper & Bumper Stay system, primarily serves as a physical buffer that absorbs impact and minimizes collision damage. It operates by distributing the force of a shock across the vehicle's frame, mitigating potential harm. As the Rear Bumper Side Bar Right Hand (#52151-0C110) encounters wear and tear over time, its structural integrity may diminish, potentially leading to reduced absorption capacity. Consequently, failing to replace a degraded Rear Bumper Side Bar Right Hand (#52151-0C110) can result in increased damage to the vehicle and its occupants during a collision. Genuine Toyota Rear Bumper Side Bar Right Hand (#52151-0C110)s provide optimal compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This critical part contributes to the safety and efficiency of the entire vehicle, protecting both occupants and the vehicle structure in case of impacts.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 52151-0C110

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