Under Guard Bar Front #1

About this product

The Under Guard Bar Front #1 (#51491-60030), a crucial component in the Frame system of Toyota vehicles, primarily acts as a protective shield for the underbody. Positioned beneath the car, this bar absorbs and deflects off-road debris and obstacles, preventing potential damage to vital components like the engine and transmission. The use of genuine Toyota parts is pivotal for perfect vehicle compatibility and they are backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. Over time, the Under Guard Bar Front #1 (#51491-60030) can suffer from wear and tear or become dented and broken, compromising its ability to protect the underbody. Failure to replace a damaged Under Guard Bar Front #1 (#51491-60030) could lead to severe damage to the vehicle's underbody, resulting in costly repairs. By providing optimal protection, the Under Guard Bar Front #1 (#51491-60030) contributes to vehicle safety and longevity, keeping the Frame system in top-notch condition.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51491-60030

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