Door Armrest Base Right Hand

About this product

The Door Armrest Base Right Hand (#74215-0C020), a key component within the Armrest & Visor system of a vehicle’s body, plays a crucial role in providing comfort and functionality. This part, typically installed on the interior side of the vehicle's doors, forms a solid foundation for the armrest and may host controls for window operation and door locking mechanisms. Regular maintenance and replacement of the Door Armrest Base Right Hand (#74215-0C020) is important as over time, wear and tear can lead to issues such as loose fitting or malfunctions in the integrated control systems. Using genuine Toyota parts not only offers compatibility with your vehicle, but allows you to benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, a functional Door Armrest Base Right Hand (#74215-0C020) contributes to the overall comfort and convenience within the vehicle, enhancing the driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 74215-0C020

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