Roof Console Base

About this product

The Roof Console Base (#63661-0E010), an essential electrical component in Toyota's Interior Lamp system, serves a fundamental role in the functioning of the overhead console that houses interior lamps and other features. This part is the foundation for the console's assembly, hosting and connecting various elements in the system and providing a stable base for the console's operation. Over time, it may wear out, become broken or function less effectively. When this happens, the console's ability to function properly could be compromised, potentially affecting the operation of the car's interior lighting. To maintain optimal functionality, the Roof Console Base (#63661-0E010) should be replaced periodically. As an original Toyota part, this Roof Console Base (#63661-0E010) is specifically designed for compatibility with Toyota vehicles. Furthermore, it's supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A properly functioning Roof Console Base (#63661-0E010) contributes to the seamless operation and safety of the Interior Lamp system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63661-0E010

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