Television Base

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The Television Base (#86295-08050-B1), a key electrical component in the Camera & Rear Monitor Display system in your Toyota vehicle, plays an indispensable role in supporting and connecting the monitor display to the vehicle's electronics. Its primary function is to provide a secure mounting and electronic interface for the display unit, which is critical for maintaining optimal performance and image clarity. If this part is old, broken or fails to function properly, the monitor's image quality might suffer or, worse, lose its function completely, severely impacting the vehicle's rear visibility. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts not only ensures perfect compatibility but also is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Regular replacement of this part is crucial as it directly contributes to the safety of the vehicle by ensuring the rear camera monitor functions at peak efficiency, thus enabling the driver to navigate the road with accurate rear visual information.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 86295-08050-B1
Color Name Neutral Warm Gray

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