About this product

The Bearing (#90369-28006), a key auto part in Toyota's Drive-Chassis Front Axle Hub system and the Drive-Chassis Rear Axle Shaft & Hub system, plays a crucial role in facilitating smooth movement between parts. It reduces friction and assists in load support, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle. During operation, the bearing collaborates with related components such as the axle and hub, providing an interface for these elements to function seamlessly. As with all mechanical parts, the bearing's efficiency diminishes over time due to wear and tear, necessitating periodic replacements. An old or damaged bearing can lead to increased friction, which in turn, may result in premature wear and potential damage to other components. When choosing a replacement, it's paramount to opt for genuine Toyota parts. Not only do they offer optimum compatibility with your vehicle, but they're also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing you with peace of mind.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90369-28006

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