Needle Bearing

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As an integral engine-fuel part in the Starter system, the Needle Bearing (#90099-10171) plays a vital role. It reduces friction between rotating components, allowing for smoother engine operation. When the engine starts, the Needle Bearing (#90099-10171) facilitates the rotational motion of various parts, ensuring seamless performance. Over time, Needle Bearing (#90099-10171)s can wear out, get damaged, or accumulate dirt. A faulty Needle Bearing (#90099-10171) can lead to increased friction, causing inefficient engine operation and possible damage to other components. Consequently, periodic replacement of this part is essential. Using genuine Toyota Needle Bearing (#90099-10171)s can considerably enhance vehicle compatibility. These genuine parts are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, affirming their reliability and quality. In conclusion, a well-functioning Needle Bearing (#90099-10171) significantly contributes to the Starter system's efficiency, resulting in overall superior engine performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90099-10171

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