Needle Roller Bearing

About this product

The Needle Roller Bearing (#90364-14007), a Drive-Chassis part in the Transmission Case & Oil Pan (Atm) system, plays a key role in minimizing friction between rotating parts. It comprises long, thin cylindrical rollers resembling needles, designed to reduce the surface contact and therefore, the friction. However, like any other part, its performance can be compromised over time due to wear and tear. A damaged or non-functional Needle Roller Bearing (#90364-14007) could lead to increased friction, impairing the operation of the system. Investing in genuine Toyota Autoparts enhances vehicle compatibility. Genuine parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, proving the company's confidence in their products. Replacing the Needle Roller Bearing (#90364-14007) periodically contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the Transmission Case & Oil Pan (Atm) system, thereby enhancing the vehicle's performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90364-14007

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