Strut Mounting Bearing

About this product

The Strut Mounting Bearing (#48619-52040), a pivotal component in Toyota's Drive-Chassis part category, primarily facilitates the smooth action of the front spring and shock absorber system. This component works in the background, absorbing vibrations, ensuring smooth rotations, and decreasing friction. Over time, this part can wear down or become damaged, necessitating its replacement. If left in a degraded state, it can lead to an increase in noise, vibration, and harshness, compromising the ride comfort and possibly the safety of your Toyota vehicle. Genuine Toyota parts, including the Strut Mounting Bearing (#48619-52040), offer optimal vehicle compatibility. They are also supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering you both peace of mind and assurance of quality. When functioning optimally, the Strut Mounting Bearing (#48619-52040) enhances the overall efficiency of the Spring & Shock Absorber system, contributing to a smooth, quiet, and safe drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 48619-52040

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