Bed Extender

Benefits of Choosing Toyota Genuine Bed Extender Parts

This versatile bed extender adds almost two feet of cargo length to your truck bed when the tailgate is open and provides an enclosed cargo area to secure smaller items with the tailgate closed. Made with lightweight, high-strength aluminum tube construction, the extender is easy to install.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073;PT329-34073 More
Part Number PT392-34000
FINISH Powder Coated

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