Front Seat Belt Assembly Inner Right Hand

About this product

The Front Seat Belt Assembly Inner Right Hand (#73230-AE010-B0) is a pivotal component in the Seat Belt system, part of the Body category in Toyota Autoparts. It is primarily responsible for retaining passengers safely in their seats, particularly during sudden vehicle movements or collision events. The assembly involves a retracting mechanism that allows passengers to adjust the belt length for comfort without compromising safety. Over time, this assembly may degrade or malfunction, which can compromise its effectiveness. For instance, the mechanism could fail to lock during a collision, potentially resulting in severe injury. Therefore, periodic replacement is imperative. Opting for genuine Toyota parts not only ensures vehicle compatibility but also secures quality under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Front Seat Belt Assembly Inner Right Hand (#73230-AE010-B0) significantly contributes to the vehicle's overall safety, by providing reliable restraint during unexpected vehicular movements.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 73230-AE010-E0
Part Number 73230-AE010-B0
Color Name Stone

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