Rear #2 Lap Belt Assembly Ctr with Inner

About this product

The Rear #2 Lap Belt Assembly Ctr with Inner (#73060-08040-C0), a crucial part of the Seat Belt system in a Toyota vehicle, plays an integral role in passenger safety. This auto part securely holds the passenger to their seat, thus minimizing the risk of injury during sudden stops or accidents. It functions by fastening around the passenger's waist, applying pressure evenly to reduce the impact. Components include the belt fabric, the buckle, and the tensioner. Over time, the belt can wear out, and the buckle can become less reliable, potentially compromising safety. Thus, periodic replacement of this auto part is essential. Genuine Toyota parts, such as this, are ideal replacements due to their perfect compatibility with the vehicle, and they come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Rear #2 Lap Belt Assembly Ctr with Inner (#73060-08040-C0) serves a vital function in the vehicle's overall safety system. It provides a secure seatbelt that keeps passengers safe, thus enhancing the safety features of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 73060-08040-C0
Color Name Black

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