V P/S Vane Pump Belt

About this product

The V P/S Vane Pump Belt (#90916-02364-83) is a critical component in the V-Belt system of Toyota vehicles, playing a pivotal role in Engine-Fuel processes. This genuine Toyota part helps ensure compatibility and is backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. This part's primary function is to transfer mechanical power from the engine to the power steering vane pump, allowing for smoother steering operation. Over time, the V P/S Vane Pump Belt (#90916-02364-83) is prone to wear and tear, and when old or non-functional, steering could become difficult, leading to potential safety concerns. Therefore, periodic replacement is highly recommended. In summary, this part contributes significantly to vehicle safety and efficiency, ensuring the smooth operation of the power steering system, a critical feature in modern vehicles.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90916-02200;90916-02200-77;90916-02200-83
Part Number 90916-02364-83

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