Junction Block Assembly

About this product

The Junction Block Assembly (#82670-20480) is a crucial component within Toyota's Electrical Switch & Relay & Computer system, as well as the Electrical Wiring & Clamp system. It primarily operates as a central connection point for the electrical circuits, enabling smooth and efficient distribution of power across the vehicle's system. The use of genuine Toyota parts like this enhances the vehicle's compatibility, reducing the risk of part mismatch. Over time, the Junction Block Assembly (#82670-20480) may wear or become damaged and will require replacement, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Failure to do so can lead to electrical failure or power distribution issues, affecting the vehicle's overall reliability and safety. In maintaining the Junction Block Assembly (#82670-20480), the overall efficiency, safety and operation of your Toyota vehicle is preserved.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 82670-20480

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