HV Battery Terminal Block

About this product

The HV Battery Terminal Block (#G92Z2-47080), an essential component in the Battery & Battery Cable system, serves a key function in Toyota vehicles. This electrical part orchestrates the flow of power from the high voltage (HV) battery to other vehicle components. Like a traffic director, it regulates the electrical current, ensuring the appropriate amount is distributed to each part. However, it's critical to replace this part periodically. An aged or malfunctioning HV Battery Terminal Block (#G92Z2-47080) could lead to power distribution issues, causing potential damage to the vehicle's electrical system. Opt for genuine Toyota parts to uphold vehicle compatibility. These parts not only meet Toyota's rigorous standards but also come with a genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the HV Battery Terminal Block (#G92Z2-47080) significantly contributes to the efficient functioning and safety of Toyota vehicles, underscoring its indispensability.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G92Z2-47080

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