Board Sub-Assembly #2 Seat Back

About this product

The Board Sub-Assembly #2 Seat Back (#79207-0E090-B0), a pivotal body part in the Rear Seat & Seat Track system of a Toyota vehicle, primarily serves to support the passenger's back and contribute to overall seating comfort. This integral auto part works to maintain the structure of the rear seat, allowing for a steady and safe ride. Genuine Toyota parts, such as this, have a reputation for their compatibility with the vehicles, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Neglecting to replace this part when worn or damaged can lead to discomfort or potential injury if the seat structure is compromised. It's paramount to maintain this part periodically for passenger safety and comfort. The Board Sub-Assembly #2 Seat Back (#79207-0E090-B0), when in optimum condition, contributes significantly to the efficiency and safety of the vehicle's seating system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 79207-0E090-B0
Color Name Lt.Gray

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