License Plate Lamp Body Right Hand

About this product

The License Plate Lamp Body Right Hand (#81273-35130) is an essential electrical component within the Rear License Plate Lamp system for Toyota vehicles. This part plays a primary role in housing and protecting the license plate light bulb, ensuring clear visibility of the license plate in low-light and night-time conditions. The Lamp Body, with its secure casing, safeguards the bulb from potential damage caused by external elements. However, like many other parts, it can wear down over time and may need replacing. An aged, damaged, or non-functional Lamp Body may compromise the visibility of the license plate, leading to potential safety issues and legal implications. Remember, investing in genuine Toyota parts not only ensures compatibility with your vehicle but also comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Finally, a fully functional Lamp Body contributes positively to the safety and efficiency of the overall lighting system in your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81273-35130

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