About this product

The Bolt (#90099-10196), an integral part of the Engine-Fuel system in the Toyota Starter, plays a crucial role in securing and maintaining the correct positioning of various engine components. As a versatile fastener, this Bolt (#90099-10196) ensures that the engine components function cohesively. Genuine Toyota Bolt (#90099-10196)s offer optimal compatibility with your vehicle. They are crafted to withstand the operational stress of the engine and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, Bolt (#90099-10196)s may wear or corrode, compromising their effectiveness. A worn Bolt (#90099-10196) might result in mechanical malfunctions, leading to potential engine failures. Hence, periodic replacement of the Bolt (#90099-10196) is pivotal to maintain the performance and safety of the engine system. By keeping all engine parts firmly in place, the Bolt (#90099-10196) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of the system, enhancing your vehicle's performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90068-10003
Part Number 90099-10196

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