Back Door Stay Bolt

About this product

The Back Door Stay Bolt (#68961-34010), a crucial Body addition in the Hood Lock & Hinge system of a Toyota vehicle, plays a significant role in ensuring the smooth and stable operation of the back door. This bolt functions by securing the door stay, which prevents the door from swinging excessively when opened. Consequently, the bolt is subjected to constant pressure and motion, heightening its vulnerability to wear and tear. While genuine Toyota parts are compatible with your vehicle and supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, periodic replacement of this part is inevitable. As the bolt ages, it could become loose or break, leading to an unstable door operation that could potentially risk safety. Replacing an aged or faulty Back Door Stay Bolt (#68961-34010) promptly helps maintain the stability and efficiency of the back door mechanism, thereby contributing to the vehicle's overall security and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 53440-09130;53450-09110
Part Number 68961-34010

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