Battery Clamp Bolt

About this product

The Battery Clamp Bolt (#74451-02020), a vital part of the Battery Carrier system in the Body category, provides essential stability. It secures the car battery in place, thus preventing any unwanted movement that could lead to disconnections or damage during operation. If the Battery Clamp Bolt (#74451-02020) becomes old or breaks, the battery may shift and disrupt the function of the electrical system, potentially leading to vehicular malfunction. Genuine Toyota Battery Clamp Bolt (#74451-02020)s are an ideal choice for maintaining vehicle compatibility and are further backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Regular replacement of the Battery Clamp Bolt (#74451-02020), therefore, is not just about the part's longevity but also about the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle. This humble bolt contributes significantly to the smooth functioning of the vehicle, underscoring the importance of regular maintenance and quality components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 74451-02020

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