Flange Bolt

About this product

The Flange Bolt (#90080-10384) is an essential component in the Toyota Rear Door Window Regulator & Hinge system, a part of the vehicle's Body category. Designed for seamless integration with your vehicle, the genuine Flange Bolt (#90080-10384) plays a crucial role in securing the regulator and hinge system, allowing your rear windows to open and close smoothly. Genuine parts like the Flange Bolt (#90080-10384) are specifically built for compatibility with your Toyota vehicle, and come with the reliable support of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, over time, the Flange Bolt (#90080-10384) may degrade, loosen, or break, potentially causing issues with the operation of your rear window. Replacing this part when necessary is key to maintaining the system's overall efficiency and safety. The use of a genuine Flange Bolt (#90080-10384) will maintain the smooth operation of your windows, thereby enhancing vehicle safety and functionality.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90080-10383;90105-08322
Part Number 90080-10384

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