Hexagon Bolt

About this product

The Hexagon Bolt (#90101-12030), a pivotal Drive-Chassis part, plays a critical role in the Front Disc Brake Caliper & Dust Cover system. This bolt is designed to secure the brake caliper to the mount, allowing proper functioning of the brake system. Genuine Toyota parts like this Hexagon Bolt (#90101-12030) are compatible with your Toyota vehicle and come with the company's parts warranty. Over time, this component can become worn, loose, or even break, potentially leading to an unstable brake caliper. This could jeopardize the vehicle's braking ability, causing safety issues. Therefore, periodic inspection and replacement is necessary. By adequately securing the brake caliper, the Hexagon Bolt (#90101-12030) contributes to the overall braking efficiency and safety of your vehicle. It ensures your Toyota's brake system performs optimally, providing peace of mind during your drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90101-12030

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