Oil Pump Body Bolt

About this product

The Oil Pump Body Bolt (#15183-28020) is an essential Engine-Fuel part that plays a vital role in the Engine Oil Pump system of a Toyota vehicle. This bolt essentially secures the oil pump, facilitating the smooth and efficient pumping of oil throughout the engine. If the Oil Pump Body Bolt (#15183-28020) becomes old or breaks, it can loosen its grip, thereby affecting the function of the oil pump. A faulty bolt may lead to oil leaks, negatively impacting the overall performance of the engine. Therefore, periodic replacement of this genuine Toyota part is necessary for maintaining your vehicle's compatibility and performance. Notably, this part comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Oil Pump Body Bolt (#15183-28020) not only aids in the efficiency of the vehicle's system, but it also contributes significantly to the safety of the vehicle by preventing potential oil leaks that may lead to engine malfunction.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 15183-28020

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