Round Hexagon Bolt

About this product

The Round Hexagon Bolt (#90106-12005), a key component in Toyota's Drive-Chassis's Front Axle Arm & Steering Knuckle system, is responsible for securing and providing structural integrity to various parts. This bolt must tightly hold components in place to ensure correct alignment and prevent damage. Genuine Toyota parts like the Round Hexagon Bolt (#90106-12005) offer perfect compatibility, enhancing vehicle performance and longevity. Like other mechanical parts, this bolt can wear out, loosen, or become damaged over time, which can affect the structural integrity of the system it holds. Regular replacement is therefore vital to prevent any system instability, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Toyota's genuine parts come with our Parts Warranty, providing assurance of quality and reliability. The Round Hexagon Bolt (#90106-12005) significantly contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's Drive-Chassis system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90106-12005

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