Bolt Set #1 Bow

About this product

The Bolt Set #1 Bow (#65909-0W010), a critical component in Toyota's Convertible Parts system, plays a pivotal role in the functioning and stability of a convertible top. This set, which includes all necessary bolts for proper operation, fastens the convertible top (bow) to the car's body, allowing it to fold and unfold smoothly. The necessity of periodic replacement of the Bolt Set #1 Bow (#65909-0W010) can't be overstated as an aged or failing set can disrupt the operation of the convertible top and may even lead to potential damage. Genuine Toyota Bolt Set #1 Bow (#65909-0W010)s offer optimal compatibility with your Toyota vehicle, and their quality is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Its role may seem minor but a well-functioning Bolt Set #1 Bow (#65909-0W010) contributes significantly to the efficiency of your Toyota convertible's operation and, ultimately, your safety and comfort on the road.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 65909-0W010

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