Steering Column Lower Tube Bolt

About this product

The Steering Column Lower Tube Bolt (#45298-06010), a crucial Drive-Chassis part in the Steering Column & Shaft system for your Toyota vehicle, plays a vital role in securing the steering column tube. This bolt connects the tube to the steering system, ensuring smooth and efficient steering operations. In its functioning, it engages with various other components like the steering wheel, bearings, and column assembly, to maintain the alignment and stability of the steering system. Just like other parts, the Steering Column Lower Tube Bolt (#45298-06010) may wear down over time and require replacement. A worn-out or damaged bolt can affect the connection between the steering column and the steering system, leading to potential steering issues which can compromise the vehicle's safety. By using genuine Toyota Autoparts, you support vehicle compatibility and enjoy the benefits of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Steering Column Lower Tube Bolt (#45298-06010) is an integral part of the system ensuring you remain in control of your vehicle at all times. This ultimately contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of your Toyota.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 45298-33010
Part Number 45298-06010

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