Stud Bolt

About this product

The Stud Bolt (#90116-10196), an integral part of the Toyota Engine-Fuel system in the Manifold assembly, primarily serves as a secure fastening component. This sturdy auto part is fundamental in maintaining the system's stability during operation. Genuine Stud Bolt (#90116-10196)s are compatible with your Toyota, providing optimal performance and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Like any component exposed to heat and wear, the Stud Bolt (#90116-10196) can age or become damaged. If neglected, it can lead to instability in the Manifold system, impacting the vehicle's performance or causing potential safety issues. By properly maintaining and replacing this part when necessary, you can uphold the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota's fuel system. A robust, well-functioning Stud Bolt (#90116-10196) contributes to the optimal operation of your vehicle, ensuring a smooth, reliable drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90116-10196

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