Tfr/Transax Set Bolt

About this product

The Tfr/Transax Set Bolt (#90119-10662), a vital Drive-Chassis component in the Transfer Case & Extension Housing system, plays a crucial role in securing the transmission and maintaining the vehicle's drive integrity. This bolt helps in keeping the different parts of the transmission system firmly attached, thus contributing to the overall functionality and safety of the vehicle. Genuine Toyota parts like this one offer the advantage of compatibility with the vehicle and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, like any other auto part, the Tfr/Transax Set Bolt (#90119-10662) is prone to wear and tear and might require periodic replacement. As this bolt becomes old or broken, it can compromise the assembly's stability, leading to potential system failure and unsafe driving conditions. Therefore, its timely replacement is critical to maintain the efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90119-10662

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