Bolt with Washer

About this product

The Bolt with Washer (#90080-11424), a crucial component in the Drive-Chassis Clutch Housing & Transmission Case (Manual Transmission) system, Drive-Chassis Transaxle Assy (Hv Or Ev Or Fcv) system, and Drive-Chassis Transmission Case & Oil Pan (Automatic Transmission) system, has a primary role in providing secure connections within these systems. It facilitates smooth operation by maintaining the tightness and stability of parts. The part, along with other components, helps withstand vibrations and prevents loosening of parts during vehicle operation. Over time, the Bolt with Washer (#90080-11424) can wear out and should be replaced periodically. A worn-out or broken bolt can compromise the stability of the systems and lead to mechanical failures. Toyota's genuine Bolt with Washer (#90080-11424) not only ensures compatibility with your vehicle but also is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part significantly contributes to the overall system efficiency and safety, maintaining the robust performance of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 91619-61265;91619-62265
Part Number 90080-11424

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