Bolt with Washer

About this product

The Bolt with Washer (#90119-10180), a critical Drive-Chassis component in the Transfer Case & Extension Housing system, plays a significant role in securing various parts together with a tight seal. As a vehicle operates, this combination of bolt and washer maintains the integrity of the chassis and drive components, preventing them from loosening or falling apart. However, over time and with extensive use, the Bolt with Washer (#90119-10180) may wear down or become damaged, potentially leading to a compromised vehicle structure. This could result in an increase in noise, vibration, or even significant mechanical issues. Therefore, periodic replacement of this part is essential. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Bolt with Washer (#90119-10180), contribute to flawless vehicle compatibility, as they are designed and manufactured to Toyota's exact specifications. Furthermore, Toyota backs all its genuine parts with a comprehensive warranty. The Bolt with Washer (#90119-10180) directly contributes to the reliable performance and safety of the vehicle, making it a crucial factor in maintaining the overall efficiency of the system in which it is installed.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90119-10109
Part Number 90119-10180

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