Washer Based Head Hexagon Bolt

About this product

The Washer Based Head Hexagon Bolt (#90105-06143), vital to the Drive-Chassis, in the Gear Shift Fork & Lever Shaft (Mtm) system, holds key components together to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle. This bolt, fitted with an integrated washer, offers a better grip and distributes the load evenly, mitigating the risk of damage due to over-tightening. Nevertheless, with time and use, these bolts may wear out, potentially undermining the vehicle's stability. Using genuine parts from Toyota ensures compatibility and optimal performance. Genuine parts replacement is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering assurance of quality. A faulty Washer Based Head Hexagon Bolt (#90105-06143) could result in parts of the Gear Shift Fork & Lever Shaft system becoming loose, compromising your vehicle's performance and safety. Thus, the bolt's role is crucial in maintaining the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle. Always opt for a timely replacement using genuine Toyota parts.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 33242-35023;33243-35043;33243-35040;33242-35020;33242-28010;33231-35040;33212-28021;33212-35022;33213-35031;33214-28010;33214-35020;33244-35020;33244-35021;33245-28010;33245-28011;33245-35040;33395-28010;90113-06005 More
Part Number 90105-06143

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