Washer Based Head Hexagon Bolt

About this product

The Washer Based Head Hexagon Bolt (#90105-11036) is a crucial component in the Roof Panel & Back Window Glass system of your Toyota vehicle. Functioning as a secure fastener, this bolt ensures a tight and sturdy attachment of these body panels. Its design, featuring a washer base and a hexagonal head, provides a larger surface area for load distribution and easy torque application respectively. Over time, these bolts may become worn or corroded, risking loosening of the panels they secure. This potential structural integrity loss could lead to higher wind noise, water leakage, or even panel detachment. Regular replacement of these bolts, especially with genuine Toyota parts, is crucial to maintain optimum vehicle performance and safety. Genuine parts not only offer perfect compatibility but are also backed by Toyota's Genuine Parts Warranty. In a nutshell, the Washer Based Head Hexagon Bolt (#90105-11036) plays an essential role in the structural security and operational efficiency of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 64101-52030;64101-52040;90080-10074;90119-11028;90119-11033
Part Number 90105-11036

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