Brake Booster Kit

About this product

The Brake Booster Kit (#04443-14520), a key Drive-Chassis part in the Brake Booster & Vacuum Tube system, plays a critical role in your vehicle's braking system. This part amplifies the force exerted on the brake pedal, making it easier for the driver to stop the car. A functioning Brake Booster Kit (#04443-14520) ensures an efficient and safe braking operation. Over time, the Brake Booster Kit (#04443-14520) may become worn out or clogged. When this happens, the booster may fail to deliver the necessary force, making braking harder and potentially dangerous. To maintain optimal performance and safety, it's essential to replace this part periodically with a genuine Toyota part. Genuine parts are specifically designed for compatibility with your Toyota vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This indispensable auto part contributes significantly to the efficiency and safety of your vehicle by facilitating faster, safer stops.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 44644-30560;04443-14550
Part Number 04443-14520

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