Roof Console Box Assembly

About this product

The Roof Console Box Assembly (#63650-0E540-A0), an electrical part of Toyota's Interior Lamp system, plays a significant role in managing and controlling interior lights. It houses the switches that control the dome and map lights, enabling occupants to customize the interior light settings during operation. Much like any part, it can wear out over time, leading to various issues such as flickering or non-functional interior lights. Genuine Toyota parts are crucial for optimal compatibility and performance of your vehicle. They are engineered to fit perfectly and work seamlessly with other components. An old or damaged Roof Console Box Assembly (#63650-0E540-A0) may cause inconvenience or even potentially hazardous conditions during night drives. Remember, Toyota stands behind their genuine parts with a warranty. Replacing this part when necessary contributes to the enhanced safety and comfort of your vehicle's interior, making for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63650-0E540-A0
Color Name Flaxen

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