Deck Side Trim Box Right Hand

About this product

The Deck Side Trim Box Right Hand (#64741-0R010-B0), a crucial component in the Inside Trim Board system of a Toyota vehicle, primarily serves as a storage unit for essential items within the car. As a genuine Toyota part, it ensures seamless compatibility with various models and is protected by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Comprising mechanisms such as a latch and hinge, this trim box offers secure storage, preventing any unwanted movement of items during transit. Over time, wear and tear can impair the trim box's functionality, making it less effective in securing items, possibly leading to distractions or obstructions in the vehicle. Regular replacement is hence necessary for maintaining operational efficiency. Besides enhancing the vehicle's interior aesthetics, the Deck Side Trim Box Right Hand (#64741-0R010-B0) significantly contributes to orderly storage, reducing potential hazards and improving overall vehicle safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 64741-42010-B0
Part Number 64741-0R010-B0

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