Luggage Compartment Box Left Hand

About this product

The Luggage Compartment Box Left Hand (#64439-0C010-E0), a critical component in the Inside Trim Board system, plays a paramount role in a Toyota vehicle's body parts. This box functions as a provision for safe storage, keeping your luggage and other valuable items secure and organized while in transit. The construction and functionality come from the durable materials used, offering rigidity and reliability. However, like any other auto part, it requires periodic replacement due to wear and tear. An old, broken or non-functional box may lead to disarray of stored items, potentially damaging them or causing unnecessary noise during movement. Opting for genuine Toyota parts not only provides compatibility with your vehicle but also comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty, ensuring its quality and reliability. Ultimately, the Luggage Compartment Box Left Hand (#64439-0C010-E0) contributes significantly to the efficiency of the Inside Trim Board system, enhancing the overall safety and convenience during your journey.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64439-0C010-E0

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