Rear Suspension Brace Sub-Assembly Upper

About this product

The Rear Suspension Brace Sub-Assembly Upper (#53605-62010) plays a critical part within Toyota's Floor Side Member system. As a Body component, it provides structural reinforcement, enhancing stability and control during the vehicle's operation. It interacts constantly with other components in its system, absorbing and distributing forces exerted when the vehicle moves. Over time, it may experience wear, which can be detrimental to the overall system if not replaced. A non-functional or broken Rear Suspension Brace Sub-Assembly Upper (#53605-62010) may lead to reduced stability and control, compromising the vehicle's safety. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts for replacements not only ensures vehicle compatibility, but these parts also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The use of bona fide components, like the Rear Suspension Brace Sub-Assembly Upper (#53605-62010), bolsters the efficiency and safety of the vehicle's Floor Side Member system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53605-62010

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