Air Injection Control Bracket

About this product

The Air Injection Control Bracket (#89589-35010), an Electrical part in the Electronic Fuel Injection System, plays a vital role in managing the injection of air into the vehicle's engine. Its function is crucial in fuel combustion and emission control, making it a critical component of the engine system. The Air Injection Control Bracket (#89589-35010), like other engine components, can become worn or clogged over time, affecting its effectiveness. This could potentially lead to reduced engine performance or increased emissions. The use of genuine Toyota Autoparts, like the Air Injection Control Bracket (#89589-35010), is recommended to ensure vehicle compatibility. Toyota's genuine parts are supported by a genuine parts warranty. The Air Injection Control Bracket (#89589-35010) is a contributing factor to the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle, emphasizing the importance of maintaining and replacing this part as needed.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89589-35010

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