Back Door Stay Bracket Lower

About this product

The Back Door Stay Bracket Lower (#68957-48020) is a vital component found in the Back Door Lock & Handle system of Toyota automobiles. This part plays a critical role in maintaining the stability and position of the back door while it's being opened or closed. By holding the door in place, it allows for smooth operation and prevents any unexpected movement that could result in damages or safety risks. The functionality of the Back Door Stay Bracket Lower (#68957-48020) entails a close interaction with other components in the system, such as the door hinges and lock mechanism. Over time, this bracket can become worn or damaged due to regular use and outside elements, leading to a compromised hold on the door. Such a situation could cause the door to malfunction, endangering passenger safety and vehicle integrity. For these reasons, it is important to periodically replace this part with a genuine Toyota Back Door Stay Bracket Lower (#68957-48020). Not only does this ensure vehicle compatibility, but it also comes with the assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, this small but essential part contributes significantly to the safety and efficiency of the entire Back Door Lock & Handle system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 68957-48020

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