Cruise Control Bracket A

About this product

The Cruise Control Bracket A (#88291-02030), a key electrical component in the Cruise Control system of Toyota vehicles, functions to hold and secure the cruise control module in place. It's a pivotal part of the auto-drive system, necessary for smooth, efficient driving with cruise control. Genuine parts like the Cruise Control Bracket A (#88291-02030) are crucial for maintaining vehicle compatibility, and Toyota backs such parts with a genuine parts warranty. Over time, this bracket can degrade, become loose or even break, jeopardizing the stability of the cruise control module and potentially causing erratic or unresponsive cruise control operation. Regular replacement of the Cruise Control Bracket A (#88291-02030) is recommended to maintain the integrity of the Cruise Control system. The proper functioning of this bracket significantly contributes to the efficiency of the auto-drive system and the overall safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 88291-02030

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